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It’s personal

With TPM Properties, you’re not just getting expert property management, you’re getting the insights of a property owner. We are unique as we manage our own properties. We personally understand an owner’s need to protect their investments and to have the right people working on bringing value to the property. Whether it’s managing the finances, liaising with tenants, quickly responding to emergencies, or developing new projects, we have decades of experience and expertise to manage properties well. After all, it is personal for us.

As your Property Management team, we provide the following services:

  •  24 Hour Response to all issues
  • Landlord and Tenant direct access portals to information and requests
  • Full accounting report for income and expenses
  • In house maintenance team as first responders to building issues
  • Direct access to senior management

Commercial property management 

The success of a commercial property is putting the right business in it. This comes with understanding the unique features of the property, the appeal of the location and the dynamics of the neighbourhood. And this is where our years of managing and leasing commercial space can help you get the most out of your investment.

Residential property management

Our residential property portfolio ranges from single-unit homes to multi-unit apartment buildings. However, the level of service you get remains the same: we treat your investment as if it is our own. You can expect the highest degree of care and supervision with building management, administration, tenant relationship, maintenance and repairs.

Strata management  

A smoothly run strata benefits both owners and tenants.  Depending on your needs, we can provide full strata management services, or customised services such as book-keeping, administrative work or as a consultant to a strata corporation. Speak with us to find out how we can assist you with strata management.

Maintenance services

You can depend on our maintenance department to ensure everything runs smoothly at your property. We also have a pool of trusted tradespeople who deliver quality work every time. You’ll never have to worry about late-night emergency calls, scrambling to find the right help or getting an automated voicemail. We are available around the clock so you have total peace of mind.

Let us manage your property